Corporate Advantage gives you a fixed price with the benefit of an ever increasing data set to aid in your ongoing sales & marketing

Corporate Advantage – Annual Subscription

Our Corporate Contacts data is updated at least every three months, which means that we are continuously adding new appointments to our premium B2B mailing list.

How it works:

  • The cost of your initial subscription is fixed, based on the number of contacts available at the start of the licence.
  • As the number of contacts in our database grows, you are able to view and download the new data without incurring any additional cost. Giving you access to new and updated data for the period of your 12-month licence period.

The benefits of becoming a Corporate Advantage customer:

  • Each week, our database is updated with new appointments and replacement contacts. With Corporate Advantage you get full-unlimited access to all these new contacts.
  • Our unique Return and Renew guarantee means that, in the unlikely event that you find contacts that have left or companies that have moved, simply let us know the details and we will re-research the records and return the new details within 10 days.
  • We can also de-dupe your existing customers and exclude them from any records in your subscription.
  • As a Corporate Advantage customer, you can save your campaigns and counts and exclude previous downloads from new campaigns.
  • You are also able to preview detailed company information and contacts which aren’t included in your subscription.

To set up a demonstration or a free trial period, please contact us on 01245 807470 or e-mail us using the link below.

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Corporate Advantage
Annual Subscription
One year fixed price subscription
Constantly growing data set
Updated and verified continually
50 data refreshes every year
12 month unlimited usage
Return & Renew Guarantee

"With our Corporate Advantage annual subscription you get non-stop access to refreshed data every day of the week"