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Only the best contacts

Corporate Contacts is the Who’s Who of corporate Britain. It’s the B2B mailing list that changes everything. For depth, reach, quality and accuracy, nothing else comes close. It’ll give you the competitive edge you need in today’s market.

The Advantage of CC Advantage

When you sign up to Corporate Contacts Advantage we calculate the cost by looking at the amount of records available at the time.

We then fix that price for a year.

This means that as the number of contacts in our database grows, you get access to new and updated records on a regular basis, without incurring any further cost.

The data was simple to download and extremely clear and easy to use

- The Knowledge Partnership

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12 month unlimited usage
Return & Renew Guarantee
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Corporate Contacts: quality guaranteed

Corporate Contacts is the most up-to-date B2B mailing list in the UK, with every record verified every three months. The quality and accuracy of our data is what sets us apart from the competition, which is why we offer a unique Return and Renew Guarantee for all of our customers. If you find an error within 30 days of downloading your data, we guarantee to correct and replace it within 10 days FREE of charge.

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